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High Country Lights was chosen as the 2016 winner of "Best Animated" on the Tack Light Tour for a third time.  The other years were 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015.  In 2013, we received the award as "Best Overall".

The Tacky Light Tour began as a small tour of decorated homes in Richmond, Virginia during the early 80s.  After the website launched in 2004, the Tacky Light Tour took on a national appeal.

Now, thousands have listed their display in hopes of winning an award the tour hosts each year.  The contest has ten categories with the top prize going to the overall best.  The overall best wins a Christmas light trophy along with national recognition.

Here's a short preview of the Tacky Light Tour on TLC.

Other winners from North Carolina include, The Christmas Family Lights as the "Classiest" from Winston-Salem, Pilot Mountain Christmas as the "The Best For Kids", Huntersville Christmas Lights as "Most Creative" and Valley Creek Lights as "Most Stuff In Least Place".

You can vote for High Country Lights by clicking here.


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