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2013 Season Inching Closer

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on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 in Display Discussion

As the clock continues counting down for the 2013 season, High Country Lights is in full swing to make this an unforgettable light show for everyone.


Several major improvements this year will be the incorporation of smart Glossary Link LED lights.  Each LED light, or as known as Pixels or nodes, are individually controlled giving full access to endless effects.  Each Pixel is controlled with three programming channels which is Red, Green, and Blue.  Imagine the programming nightmare where each tree will have 1,600 smart pixels multiplied by six trees.  You guessed it!  That's a whopping 28,800 programming channels and that's not including the rest of the light show.  So, how do we manage this?  Simple - New software.

HLSMost companies and individuals are supporting the invasion and explosion of smart pixels.  Commercial vendors such as Light Show Pro have been making strides to stay ahead of the game while Light-O-Rama continues to improve in this field.  But at the moment, it cannot handle large amounts of pixels before locking up.  Free programs, which includes Hinkle Light Sequencer, Nutcracker/xLights, Vixen, and a few others that are under development, have grasp the pixel invasion concept by the horns.  Right now, High Country Lights plans to use the Hinkle Light Sequencer for the 2013 unless unforeseen problems occur in the next few months.



Santa's CastleSanta's Castle will have a new look too!  We purchased new cool white LED's to replace the aging incandescent mini-lights.  Plus, converting to LED's, they'll last longer, require 80 percent less power, and appear brighter.  Santa will be proud of the new look.

Ribbon LightOur Ornament tree is undergoing a renovation as well.  All of last year's lights were ripped off and replace with a more weatherproof ribbon light.  This way, they'll require less maintenance and keep their color longer as the season comes to an end.



Judy PancoastMark December 14 down on your calendar.  Grammy Nominee, Judy Pancoast, along with the Chick-Fil-A Cow, Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and Santa Claus will be visiting us.  Pancoast will be performing songs from her new album released just before Christmas 2012.  Plus, we'll have a few other surprises which will be announced closer to the lighting season. This event is free for anyone who wants to attend.  Food will be available for an affordable price.  What's on the menu, that's undetermined at this time.



Six months from today will begin our 2013 lighting season.  Bring your family, friends, and/or neighbors to visit us on Thanksgiving night. We look forward to seeing you then.


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