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on Saturday, 27 August 2011 in How To

How I make Glossary Link controller stands for the display.


There are many ways and techniques to building controller stands.  Some like them heavy duty, some like them pretty, and others like them simple.

I have two types of stands used in the display depending where they are located.  


Click To Enlarge For example, units located in grassy area's, will only have a three quarter inch EMT conduit bolted onto the enclosure.  The conduit can range from twelve to thirty inches long.  This is where I push them into the dirt but don't hammer them in.  Damage might occur to the controller. 


Click To EnlargeCaution: when using the conduit method, make sure a hole is drilled below the mounting holes.  This will ensure water can drain properly without leaking into the enclosure and possibly ruining the controller.


Click To EnlargeThe rest of the enclosures will be mounted on a 2X4 stand.  This stand and feet are typically eighteen inches tall and long.  The cross members can be 2X2's but 2X4's are stronger.  Mine are twelve inches wide.


Depending what you situation is, hopefully this illustration will help to make your display a successful and secure one.



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