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FM Transmitters - It's About Quality!

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on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 in How To

This article will change the way you think about transmitters.


When I first began animating seven years ago, having a quality FM Glossary Link transmitter would be half of the show. What would you do if your's quit working? So I began a quest to find a quality one.


Click To EnlargeFor the past six years, I've been using a Ramsey FM35-B which Ramsey no longer sells. This transmitter, or a equivalent one, provides a powerful punch. Add that transmitter along with a 1/4 wave antenna, and your signal could go very far. Beware, if it interferes with another station or a license frequency, the Federal Communications Commission ( Glossary Link FCC) may come knocking on your door. Best advice is keep the power down and you'll have no problems from them.



The quality of this transmitter is good with no problems reported in the past six years. Keep in mind, do not touch the antenna at any time while it's connected to the transmitter. Issues with an internal part failing will cause it not to transmit but a few hundred feet.



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A backup one recently purchased will become the primary transmitter for the 2011 season. The EDM made in South Africa, has an outstanding warranty, sound, and it's durable. It comes in a kit fashion but only requires five minutes to assemble. Once you hear an Glossary Link EDM, you'll notice the clarity immediately.


Other transmitters I've heard good results from are the HLLY. But, they can come in high power versions which is illegal in the United States.


If you're beginning to take this route, EDM is the preferred way by many decorators



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