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on Sunday, 08 July 2012 in How To

Here's our list of recommended vendors in the decorating world.  Keep in mind, these are only the ones High Country Lights have purchased products/services from.  If they aren't on the list, that means one of two things.  I have not purchased from them or their service is unacceptable.



  1. Creative Displays
  2. The Demented Elf
  3. Christmas Light Show
  4. Holiday Light Express
  5. Christmas-Leds
  6. Holiday Coro
  7. WOW Lights
  8. Novelty Lights
  9. DF Countryman
  10. Christmas Done Bright
  11. Creative Decorating
  12. DIY LED Express 
  13. Action Lighting
  14. Seasonal Entertainment
  15. SanDevices
  16. Joshua 1 Systems
  17. LED Gen Lighting
  18. Radiant Holidays
  19. Light-O-Rama
  20. Holiday Lights
  21. HiTech Lights


DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary from each vendor listed or not listed.




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